At this point, looking for a record deal may be your only option… To be transparent, it doesn’t seem fair, does it? I’m talking about the music industry itself. You commit time and spend money to make your music. You promote your music and test out strategies for your music. You do a lot, yet, little to no results… Let me tell you this: You’re not alone.

Seriously, 90.7% of artists remain undiscovered, regardless of the strategies and efforts put in by an artist. But is that really a surprise to you? It IS the music industry, and it seems that nowadays, everybody wants to be a mega-star. There are 10 hours of audio uploaded to SoundCloud every minute, so imagine how you have to try to stand out amongst all of those piranhas.

Does that mean that you’ll never make it in the music industry? Of course not!

Perhaps marketing is not your strongest skill, you may not have the budget to book a quality studio, hire a professional photographer, graphic designer, website designer, producer, or audio engineer, or you may not have the resources and connections to get established.

What matters to us the most can be answered by this question: Is your music GOOD?

I’m not talking about studio quality sound, yet. I’m merely talking about the content that you have in your music. Consider the lyrics, the delivery, the foundation upon what your music is built, your story, your voice, the emotion, and your work ethic all play major roles in your music career. If you feel that your music has great potential, but lack a few of the necessities to really make an impact, then we recommend you fill out our record label application for your chance to be an artist on the Music & Money team.


Why Sign a record deal With Music & Money?


Professional Recording Studio


Photos & Music Videos


Gain Exposure


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Network & Connections

Are you looking for a record deal?

If you feel that your music has what it takes to make it in this hectic, competitive industry, fill out our record label application.