I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to other artists and their talking about quitting music. I had to comprise the top 10 reasons why being a rapper sucks because of everything that I continually hear.

After spending 15+ years in the music industry, I now have some deep insight on being a rapper and… Let me tell you…. IT SUCKS! Don’t get me wrong, this is a #Lifestyle choice and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

After reading the top 10 reasons why being a rapper sucks, you’ll have a good understanding of, well, how crappy it really is to be a rapper nowadays… lol.

1. Everybody Wants To Be A Rapper
No joke. This is one of the most oversaturated markets in terms of the artist to fan ratios. How am I suppose to stand out as an artist when there are a billion other rappers shoving their music into everyone’s faces?! It’s kinda ridiculous really. I can’t even hop on twitter without knowing that I’m going to have at least 5 or 6 messages “Check out my music!” and “DL My MixTaPe!”

Seems like everybody wants to make music, but the REAL talented individuals get overlooked due to the sheer fact that there are just too many rappers.

2. Nobody Thinks That You’ll Actually Make it
I use to hear this one sentence when I first started making music and it really got under my skin every time I heard it.

“Don’t forget me when you’re famous!”

I hated hearing it.

I felt mocked. HOWEVER, it made me realize that this industry is just difficult, and though no disrespect was intentional, they pretty much are saying that being an artist in this game, you’re going to have a hell of a time making it anywhere. I don’t blame them for telling me though. It’s the truth that needs to be heard if trying to establish a name as a rapper.

Top 10 Reasons Why Being A Rapper Sucks

3. No One Buys Music Anymore
We are now in the digital age where it’s very difficult to sell CDs. Did you know… 2014 was the FIRST year ever to have ZERO platinum records. That’s MIND blowing! That means that not 1 single artist out of every single artist that makes music in the entire world did NOT reach platinum status with their record.

So what’s a rapper to do? 🙁

4. Better Off With A Homeless Sign
Wait, what? Think about that for a second. Put 2 people on a street corner. 1 of them selling CDs and 1 of them holding a homeless sign. Guess which one makes more money? Guess which one put a lot of time, money, and effort into themselves?

In order for a rapper to make minimum wage with only music streams (Spotify), a rapper would have to have 1,117,021. Do you know how hard it is to even get people to listen once?!

5. Everyone Has Something To Say But Nothing To Add
People tell you as an artist that your music is either Good or bad, but nothing else! Often, I’m sitting here receiving empty compliments that leave me guessing on what I’m either doing wrong or right. No one tells you what they like or what they don’t like. At most, they’ll say, “Hey, you sound like [ insert artist name here ].”

It’s the same concept of throwing pennies in a wishing well. You feel like your doing something but you’re only wasting your time and money.

6. It’s Difficult To Maintain Healthy Relationships
That goes for having a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, and even friendships. Becoming successful in the music industry, it takes non-stop work. Spending hours upon hours in the studio writing, recording, mixing, etc., can be very damaging to any relationship.

Not only that but being a rapper, we generally like to surround ourselves with beautiful people everywhere we go, including on tour. So if you have a jealous partner, chances are that you may miss opportunities because of the relationship, and vice versa; we tend to miss out on relationship goals because of the music.

6. All Risk, Little To No Gain
We spend our money on studio equipment (or studio time), beats and production, audio engineering, photographers, and videographers just to put 1 project together. That could easily rack up to be thousands of dollars, and that’s before we even release the music.

And after we spend all of that time and money, we have to spend MORE time and money to get the music into people’s hands. If we’re lucky, we’ll sell some mixtapes and gain a few fans. Most artists don’t make any return on their investments.

8. The Scene Is Full Of Unreliability
Just to be honest, it’s rare to find others in the music industry with real drive. I’ve collaborated with dozens of artists, and time and time again they show their true colors. I have waited weeks for a person to record a single verse for a feature that they asked ME to jump on. Some people book studio sessions and show up 30 to 45 minutes late and that’s if they show up at all.

Even when outsourcing work, the game gets tough. I’ve hired several photographers and videographers that simply were just terrible. I’ve overpaid for beats. We’ve had shows canceled on us because of poor management at venues.

The music industry is unreliable. Period.

9. Who You Know Is More Important Than How Good The Music Is
I can’t stress this reason enough. Rap is funny because of things like groups, gangs, cliques, and beef. A lot of promoters will refuse to work with certain artists because of the people that they associate with.

Shows and events often come from knowing someone. How much talent and skill you possess in your music does matter, but it’s definitely not enough for success without connections.

10. It’s Difficult To Get Your Music Out There
This is probably the most important of the 10. When we make a song, we’re going to do the simple things that you already know about, like posting it to Facebook, sharing it to twitter and Instagram, etc. The hard part is getting someone to actually click the play button and engage with the music.

Social media is good in that aspect that you can reach tons of people with a single post, but at the same time, they have a lot of distractions, like ads, apps, and other useless information that doesn’t pertain to the music. It’s really difficult to get new music heard as a rapper.

Music & Money #Lifestyle

I hope you enjoyed the top 10 reasons why being a rapper sucks, but this is a lifestyle choice.

We make music regardless the obstacle.


Do you know any more reasons why it sucks to be a rapper? Let us know in the comments below.